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Thunder Tiger 620mm Flybarless Carbon Blades

Part No: TT3916

Price: 69.98 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 76.28 / US Dollars: US$85.38
Out of Stock

620mm Flybarless Carbon Blades
The new look Carbon FBL Blades are a pefect match for flybarless helicopters. Test-flown by Taiwan’s 2011 3D Champion, the latest Thunder Tiger Flybarless Carbon Blades deliver lower loading for more extreme 3D maneuvers. Stiffness and light-weight guarantee radical performances.

• New white/sliver scheme
• Symmetrical airfoil for high efficiency
• Superb use in flybarless helicopter and excellent for 3D flying
• Perfect auto-rotation performance
• Precisely-balanced

• Length (Hole to tip): 620mm
• Chord: 59mm
• Weight: 135 +/- 5g
• Root: 12mm
• Hole: 4mm
• Airfoil: Symmetrical
• Application: 50class/600class

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