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Vallejo Mecha Color

A Fantastic range of Acrylic paints from Vallejo. New formula acrylic colors with a satin finish, extra resistant, and impact proof especially designed for airbrushing surfaces exposed to aggressive manipulation. Designed especially for painting Gundam, Gunplas, Transformers, Robots, and other tabletop gaming figures.

ValleJo Mecha Color Range... Just click here

We also have more paints from the Vallejo range like Vallejo Model Color, Vallejo Game Color, Vallejo Game Air, and Vallejo varnishes and primers. These paints are great for all Model Kits and Tabletop wargaming

Worldwide Export Service

Worldwide Export Service

We use a major international courier UPS to deliver our Model Kits and Modelling Accessories with shipping costs that match those of smaller carriers.