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The Army Painter Base Primer - Aegis Suit Satin Varnish 400ml

Part No: APCP3027

Price: 8.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 9.80 / US Dollars: US$10.97
Out of Stock

Aegis Suit Satin Varnish
The AEGIS SUIT Satin Varnish will protect any tabletop or roleplaying miniature & model from the wear and tear of the battlefield.
Unlike the ANTI-SHINE Matt Varnish developed for Quickshade, the AEGIS SUIT will leave a slight satin finish on your models and is ultra protective on any acrylic surface.
Protect the paint work you have painstakingly put into your models by using this high quality satin varnish: the AEGIS SUIT will not let you or your models down.

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