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H70T001XXT 700 Metal Tail Rotor Holder Set

Part No: H70T001XXT

Price: 23.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 26.15 / US Dollars: US$29.27

Align 700 Metal Tail Rotor Holder Set
Use for T-REX 700N/700E/800E?
Dual radial bearing with thrust bearing design to dramatically increase rudder precision and gyro locking action.
Must with Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set (NH7042A).
Metal tail rotor holder x 2
New stainless steel tail rotor hub x 1
Tail rotor washer x 2(F8xF10x0.3mm)
Bearing MR106ZZ x 4(F6xF10x3mm)
Thrust Bearing F5-10M x 2
Washer x 2(F3xF8x1mm)
M4 set screw x 1(M4x4mm)
Socket collar screw x 2(M3x8mm)
Sokcet collar screw x 2(M3x17mm)
M3 nut x 2

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