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TT8088 GT5.1 3 Axis Gyro

Part No: TT8088

Price: 99.95 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 108.95 / US Dollars: US$121.94

Thunder Tiger GT5.1 3 Axis Gyro
The ACE RC G-T5 is a high performance 3-axis gyro, which brings you the most stable and instant flybarless flight experience. It is equiped with a large sized, OLED display and touch pad, together with an icon based menu which provides you with a user freindly setup. To maximize the compatibility. the GT5.1 also accepts many different receivers including conventional PPM, Spektrum Satellite and Futaba S-Bus receivers.

The built in MEMS sensor technology helps you control the helicopter precisely and has incredible real time response.
•Output Display: 96x64 pixels OLED
•Input: Touch Pad
•CPU: 32-bit high speed processor
•Senor Speed: MEMS with ±500°/sec for X-Y-Z axis
•Tail pulse: 1520us/970us/760us
•Tail frequency: 50Hz - 333Hz
•Swashplate frequency: 50Hz - 200Hz
•Type of Swashplate: 90°, 120°, 135°, 140°
•Dimension (LxWxH): 29.5x32x16mm
•Weight: 15g

•Extraordinary 3-axis flybarless system has full 3D capability
•OLED display with Icon-base menu
•Touch pad for easy setup without additional configuring tool
•Advanced and Latest MEMS sensors
•Support Spektrum satellite receivers
•Support normal receiver i.e. ThunderTiger TRS602DD
•Support a Futaba S.Bus receiver
•Support Futaba servo connector type
•Small size and lightweight
•High quality alloy case for better heat dissipation.
•NEW FEATURE - DSMX / DSM2 Failsafe Support

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