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MR Online Store |  Tools

Tool Sets

Complete Tool Packages for the modeller.


Selection of Broaches for use in model making.

Clamps & Vices

A range of clamps for use when constructing your model

Dremel Tools & Accessories

Tools, Accessories and attachments from Dremel

Drills, Chucks & Drillbits

A selection Drill Bits, Pin Vices, Archimedean stocks and hand drills

Files & Planes

Selection of needle files and hand planes used for modelmaking.

Helicopter Tools

Helicopter Tools

Knives, Knife Sets & Blades

This section contains knives, knife sets, cutting mats, Amati cutting tools and replacement blades.


Lightcraft tools with magnifiers for easy visibility

Marking & Measuring

This section contains tools used for measuring such as rules, calipers, dividers. Also includes Engineers Squares

Miscellaneous Tools

This section contains tools specifically used in model boat building. Includes Pins, Nail Fixers, Awls, Burnishers and wood scrapers.

Pin Pushers & Hammers

Hammers, Pin pushers and nail fixers


A range of pliers, sidecutters and plier sets

Power Tool Accessories

A range of power tool accessories from Rotacraft

Sanding Tools & Materials

A selection of tools and materials for use in sanding. This section contains sanding blocks, sand paper and sanding sticks.

Saws & Saw Blades

This Section contains Fretsaws, Jewellers and Razor Saws including the Zona Razor saw range. This section also includes a replacement blade section.

Screwdriver Sets

Screwdriver sets including flat blade, phillips and Allen head drivers

Service Aids & Lubrication

From oilers and syringes to rubber dust blowers, in this section you will find some handy items for repair and maintenance jobs


Soldering equipment including irons, stands

Swann Morton Scalpels & Knives

Swann-Morton - The Quality Edge. Paying strict attention to quality control, Swann-Morton knives and knife blades are the only choice for serious modellers.

Tweezers & Forceps

This Section contains Tweezers, Forceps & Tweezer Sets.

MR Online Store |  Tools