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Russian Battle Tank T-90

Part No: RV03190
Price: 12.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

The T-90 is the most up-to-date battle tank in the Russian army. The 125 mm smooth bore cannon fires classical types of ammunition as well as guided missiles. The T-90 which has been produced since about 1995 is a radical development based on the T-72. The low profile, reactive armour type Kontakt-5 and automatic protection system TShU-1 Schtora-1 provide higher protection. The latter should fool oncoming guided missiles. The powerful 735 kW (1000 hp) 12-cylinder Diesel engine gives the T-90 high manoeuvrability. In addition to the Russian army India also uses the T-90.

- New model tool
- Optional T-90, T90K or T90S
- Fine surface details
- Two-piece track which bends
- Smoke grenade discharger
- Authentic 12.7 mm NSV MG
- Reactive armour
- TSchU-1 Schtora-1
- Rotating turret
- Hatches can be shown open

Decals for 3 vehicles:
- T-90K, Russian Armed Forces, 2011
- T-90S, Indian Armed Forces, 2004
- T-90, Russian Armed Forces, 2005

Colors: 8 9 16 17 39 90 91 302 364 382 731

Model details
Scale 1:72
Release date 09/2013
No. of parts 157
Length 142 mm
Skill Level 5

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