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Miscellaneous Tools

This section contains tools specifically used in model boat building. Includes Pins, Nail Fixers, Awls, Burnishers and wood scrapers.

Occre Portable Workshop Cabinet

Part No: OC19110
In stock
56.99  each

Occre Drawers Module

Part No: OC19132
In stock
29.99  each

Occre Bit Holder

Part No: OC19133
In stock
9.99  each

Occre Work Support Stand

Part No: OC19134
In stock
19.99  each

Amati Brush Holder

Part No: A7397
In stock
9.99  each

Amati Roto Paint System

Part No: A7391
In stock
54.99  each

K & S Tube Cutter

Part No: KNS296
In stock
8.65  each

K & S Tube Bending Kit

Part No: KNS321
In stock
4.45  each

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