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U.S.S. Hornet (CVS-12) 1:530 Scale

Part No: RV05121

Price: 19.99
Euros: 22.19 / US Dollars: US$24.79

The most famous mission of the USS Hornet was in the summer of 1969 when on 24th July she picked up the Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins, who had landed on the moon three days earlier. The aircraft carrier was launched in 1943 as the fourth ship of the Essex Class, after only 13 months under construction. She was one of the most powerful carriers ever built. Used in the Second World War, firstly in the Pacific, on 6th April 1945 her aircraft took part in the sinking of the Japanese warship Yamato. Laid up after World War 2 ended, in 1953 after undergoing a refit for about two years she returned to service as "Attack Carrier CVA-12". After a further conversion to angled deck carrier, from 1959 until 1970 the Hornet saw active service as "Submarine Chaser Carrier CVS-12" in the Vietnam war. The USS Hornet was retiredfrom service on 26th June 1970.

Scale 1:530
Release date 08/2013
No. of parts 112
Length 523 mm
Skill Level 4

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