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Twister Quad 2.4GHz RTF (Mode 2 - UK)

Part No: P6600034

Price: 47.48
Euros: 52.70 / US Dollars: US$58.88

Gyro-stabilised Ready-to-fly R/C Quadcopter!
Perfect for beginners and huge fun for crazy expert pilots with 4 flight modes from beginner through to advanced stunt mode and front and rear night flight LEDs!
Designed for use indoors and out, with around 10 minutes flying time, this really is the ultimate gyro-stabilised flying machine!
The night flight LEDS are controlled via a switch on the professional 2.4GHz 5-channel transmitter with LCD display that shows trim position and flight mode.
2 different distinctive full-colour canopies are included which have been designed to aid orientation and look great too!

In the advanced stunt mode the Twister Quad can be flipped and rolled forwards, backwards, left and right! Great fun indoors and out!

•Factory assembled and Ready-to-fly from the box!
•4 flight modes from beginner to advanced stunt mode!
•Transmitter-controlled navigation/night flight multi-colour LEDs
•2 full-colour painted canopies included!
•Motor Overload Protection System built-in! (MOPS)
•Safe start system disallows high throttle starts
•Professional 2.4GHz 5-Channel transmitter with LCD display!
•Digital adjustable trimmers on 4 channels
•Specially designed for indoor training through to outrageous outdoor flip and stunt flying!
•FREE set of main rotors included!

Safety Features:
•On-board speed controller disallows high throttle starts-preventing accidental full power starts
•Motor overload protection system (MOPS)

•Rotor diameter (diagonal) - 355mm
•Rotor diameter (across) - 187mm
•Propeller diameter - 136mm
•Height - 56mm
•Flying weight - around 86g
•Flying time - approx. 10mins
•On board power - 3.7 500mAh LiPo
•Radio - 5-Ch 2.4GHz Transmitter
Gyro-stabilised RTF R/C Quadcopter with 4 flight modes and LEDs

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