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Twister Neon-X Quadcopter Orange (Mode 2)

Part No: P6600250

Price: 23.99
Euros: 26.63 / US Dollars: US$29.75

This has to be one of the worlds smallest and lightest micro quads!
Perfect for flying indoors and, with its bright LEDs front and rear, the Neon-X can even be flown in the dark. Its 6-axis gyro offers incredible stability, but for more experienced flyers, theres an increased throw option for even more manoeuvrability.
For the more adventurous pilot, there's an aerobatic flip function. Just press down on the elevator joystick to prime the Neon-X, then when you're ready, apply a full forward, backward, left or right control to flip a full 360° in that direction.
Charging is simple as the Neon-X comes with a charge lead that just plugs into any USB socket - a USB port on a computer, a USB socket in a car or a mobile phone charger is suitable. Supplied ready to fly, you just need 2 x AAA batteries for the transmitter. A full set of four spare propellers is included

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