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Twister Micro Pro 2.4G RTF Heli (Mode 2)

Part No: P6600015

Price: 26.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 29.42 / US Dollars: US$32.93

Why 2.4GHz?
, Up to 10 Pro 2.4G pilots can fly at once – yes, we’ve done the tests!
, 2.4GHz gives you super-positive, super-reliable control – control that doesn’t fade out when you’ve flown behind the fruit bowl.
– range and more range – around 4 times that of a normal infrared so these can be flown successfully in halls and similar large spaces – or even outside over the patio in calm conditions! On top of that, you’ve got Beginner/Advanced mode, unpluggable battery, big 180mAh capacity for 7-8 minute flights, a micro electronic gyro that clicks like its on rails and above all – sparkling fun performance virtually anywhere with spare parts all available!

Dual Flight Modes - Beginner or Advanced
Thanks to the Pro's unique dual flight mode transmitter switch it's EVEN EASIER for anybody to learn with the transmitter switch in 'Beginner mode' for low speed flying and then switch to Advanced mode to impress your friends!

New 180mAh unpluggable flight battery
For incredible 7-8 minute flight times with professional 'plug'n'play' battery connectors for fast replacement and more FUN FUN FUN time!

Phenomenally stable state-of-the-art tail gyro
The Micro Twister Pro is a joy to fly and with the help of it’s blinding electronic gyro stabilisation it’s never been easier! Up, Down, Forwards, Backwards, Left and Right, add a few obstacles and enjoy! These are just so much FUN!

Fly with up to 10 friends AT ONCE!
The introduction of 2.4g rock-solid radio link control system to the Micro Twister Pro now allows up to 10 pilots. This allows even more fun and possibilities like, Formation flying, follow the leader, Pylon racing and much much more!

Spare parts
The Micro Twister Pro's are very strong and included within the contents is a spares pack comprising of a pair of main rotor blades and two spare tail motor blades and even a cross head screwdriver! If for any reason you should need more parts, don’t worry, as we carry all spare parts as stock.

Charging is a breeze and couldn’t be easier! You have two choices, you can charge your Micro Twister Pro from the Transmitter or use the USB charging lead supplied, just pop it into any computer USB port, wait for the light to go out and you are now ready for another professional7-8 minute flight!

Unique Beginner/Advanced Flight mode switch
Replaceable 180mAh Lipo battery
LOOOOOONG 7-8 minutes flight times
Gyro stabilisation system
MOPS (Motor Overload Protection System)
Multicoloured LED lights
Adjustable trim control
Charges from transmitter or computer USB port
3 channel 2.4 GHz control
High strength metal frame sides
2.4GHz frequency (10 helicopters can fly at the same time)

Box contents:
•1 x Micro Twister Pro 2.4G helicopter
•1 x 3 channel 2.4GHz transmitter
•1 x USB charging cable
•2 x spare main rotors
•2 x spare tail rotors
•1 x small screwdriver

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