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Twister CPX 2.4G RTF (Mode 2)

Part No: P6600225

Price: 179.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 196.19 / US Dollars: US$219.59

Twister CPX 2.4G (Mode 2)
Factory assembled, feature loaded, belt drive CP
6-channel 2.4GHz radio with 8 model memory
Separate 6-channel R6M planet receiver
3-cell Li-poly balancer charger & 240V power supply
High discharge 1200mAh 3-cell Lipo pack
Bell/hiller mixed rotor head & autorotation
3 different colour body & screens included FREE!

The new standard in factory-built, brushless sport & 3D helicopter flight

FACTORY ASSEMBLED CPX framed belt-drive helicopter with 2.4GHz computer transmitter, Planet receiver, digital servos, tail lock gyro, brushless motor, speed controller, lipo, charger, CNC tail surfaces, autorotation, thrust-raced main rotor head ALL INSTALLED and MUCH MORE!The newly developed Twister CPX is packed full of great new features and includes the 2.4GHz Twister 6 channel computer transmitter with 8 model memories and Planet R6M micro receiver.

What are the improvements over the Twister CP Gold?
The Twister CPX comes fitted with a high powered BRUSHLESS motor and ESC set. A new super strong and virtually indestructible box main frame and undercarriage set, new bigger diameter main shaft and rotor head spindle shaft, new heavy duty thicker metal tail boom, autorotation, new tail drive belt, new BB tail pitch mechanism.

This model even includes 3 different body & canopy sets so you can use the most visible colour to suit your particular flying style, taste or weather conditions.

Is it fast and furious?
The Twister CP Gold was considered to be a right little mover and shaker back in it’s day, but with the new CPX the power and utterly ballistic climb rate with the thrustbearing rotor head have to be seen to be believed!

Spare parts available and affordable
As with all the Twister range there is a full spare parts backup, and we pride ourselves on keeping extensive stocks of spares so that you have the parts and backup available to keep you airborne, in the unlikely event of an occasional heavy arrival!

Options and upgrades?
There are stacks of option and upgrade parts available, including carbon boom, carbon main blades as well as carbon fin & stab sets, plus all the usual metal upgrades to customize your helicopter as you see fit!


Main rotor diameter - 550mm
Fuselage length - 530mm
Weight - 432g

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