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Trabant 601 Universal

Part No: RV07070

Price: 22.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 25.06 / US Dollars: US$28.05

The Trabant 601 with its typical trapezoidal shape was the third and most prolific model of the Trabant series. It was produced from 1964 onwards. It was followed in 1965 by the 3-door estate version called the Universal . This was also powered by a 26 bhp air-cooled two-cylinder, two-stroke engine displacing 600 cc which emitted an unmistakeable sound. The long rear side windows of the Universal imparted a rather pleasing appearance. Of particular note was the boot space which after a quick conversion offered room for up to 1400 litres of baggage, and could be easily loaded thanks to the wide-opening tailgate. Over 544,398 units of this in reality universally usable estate car left the production line up to 1989.

- Original bodywork reproduction with fine surface details
- Separate, moveable bonnet
- Multi-part, detailed engine
- Separate Exhaust System
- Detailed interior with instrument panel, seats with headrests and rigid rear seat
- Moveable wheels
- Faithfully reproduced wheel rims and removable spare wheel
- Opening boot lid and removable rear shelf
- Detailed Chassis
- Reproduction rubber tyres and spare wheel
- Instruction sheet and authentic decal set with various registration numbers (GDR, CS, PL, HUN, A, D)

Appearance date February 2014
Scale 1:24
Skill level 3 advanced
Single components 150

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