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TT3803 Thunder Tiger Remote Glow Adapter

Part No: TT3803

Price: 5.99
Euros: 6.65 / US Dollars: US$7.43
Out of Stock

For most of the nitro helis with forward facing engines, the glow plug is inaccessible unless you remove the canopy. So it will be very difficult to apply a normal glow starter on the engine during the starting of the engine. In order to make this starting process more easy, this Remote Glow Adapter is special designed to match this requirement.

This Glow Adapter uses a higher quality single wire. Just slide the "bent wire" type clip side on the glow plug end and mount the metal plate directly to the engine or to the engine mount. Then just apply the glow starter on the plug on the metal plate, then you can warm the glow plug and fire the engine easily!!

Easy installation "bent wire" type clip
High quality single wire with less power loos.
Easy installation

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