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Thunder Tiger Raptor G4.1 FBL Nitro Heli Kit

Part No: TT4895K10

Price: 799.99
Euros: 887.99 / US Dollars: US$991.99
Out of Stock

Thunder Tiger Raptor G4.1 FBL 90-class Nitro Helicopter Kit

This second generation Raptor G4.1 builds on success and adds a few tweaks to ensure the G4.1 stays top of the pile. The side frames have been revised allowing the user to install either the Redline RL100H engine or an OS105 Engine and optimized for a 115T main gear.

The rear fin and tail case have been updated as have the Control arms and the bearing block. The G4.1 has pushed the boundaries of 90 sized helicopters and will continue to.

Supplied as a KIT and requires full assembly, engine, muffler, rotor blades and electronics.

• Flybarless System
• Swashplate: ECCPM(135~140°)
• Fuselage Height:462mm(18.2”)
•Fuselage Width: 221mm(8.7”)
•Fuselage Length:1366mm(53.8”)
•Rotor Blade:690-720mm(27.2-28.3”)
•Rotor Dia.: 1563-1603mm(61.5-63.1”)
•Tail Blade: 105mm (4.1”)
•Tail Rotor Dia.:280mm(11”)
•Dry Weight: 4400g(9.7 lbs)
• Main Gear/Pinion: 111T/14T( 15T OP)
• Suggested Rotor Speed: 2000~2100 RPM
• Tail Driven: Torque Tube
• Engine: TT RL-100H , OS105HZ
• Gear Ratio (E:M:T): 7.92 : 1: 4.67

Key Changes:
• Revised Carbon Side Frame accepts 115T Main Gear
• 15T pinion optimized with OS engine
• Thicker Grip Plate & Lengthened Post for Precisely Cyclic Pitch Control
• Reinforced Bearing Block
• Easy Maintain Control Arm Set

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