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The Army Painter Zombicide Warpaints

Zombicide Warpaints

Cool Mini or Not have partnered up with The Army Painter to develop and produce custom paint sets for the popular Zombicide Boardgames by Guillotine Games.

This exciting collaboration has so far spawned three paint sets for the mordern setting of Zombicide: The Zombie core paint set, a Toxic/Prison supplement and the Survivor supplement paint set.

For the medieval fantasy Zombicide setting in Black Plague and Green Horde you will find two paint sets: The Zombicide Black Plague core paint set and the Green Horde supplement paint set.

Here is your chance to get hold of essential zombie colours like Glistening Blood and Brainmatter Beige and enhance your gaming experience by playing with painted miniatures..

The Army Painter Zombicide Invader Paint Set

The Army Painter Zombicide Invader Paint Set

 21.99  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)