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The Army Painter Battlefields Basing Set

Part No: APST5114

Price: 10.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 11.98 / US Dollars: US$13.41
Out of Stock

The Army Painter Battlefields Basing Set

The Battlefields Basing Set is a spectacular value set, pumped full of the best basing materials in the industry. It contains everything needed to make spectacular bases in an almost endless variety. The set does not only include all the essentials to making bases, but also a FREE slice of Swamp Tuft to make your miniatures look extra cool.
- 25ml reusable pots with Brown Battleground, Field Grass, Snow Scatter, Battlefield Rocks, a strip of Swamp Tuft, 50ml Basing Glue & FREE Razor Wire (250mm) Miniatures and brush NOT included.

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