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Tamiya Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Kamei (M-05)

Part No: TAM84316

Price: 130.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 141.70 / US Dollars: US$158.60

The Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 was a well-known machine of European touring car racing. The Kamei-sponsored car with its distinctive livery ran in the low-modification Group 2 class of its day.
The Tamiya R/C model faithfully captures the fun and manoeuvrability of the real life subject as it comes on the proven M-05 M-chassis platform. The M-05 is a simple to build FWD (front wheel drive) machine, which allows for plenty of after-market parts to be outfitted as you grow with your skill.

Length: 385mm
Width: 168mm
Height: 132mm

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