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U.S. Escort Carrier CVE-9 Bogue 1:700

Part No: TAM31711
Price: 23.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Bogue was the lead ship of her namesake class of 11 escort carriers which were produced from 1942 to 1943 to mainly serve as convoy escorts in the Atlantic. She was responsible for sinking many German U-boats as well as the Japanese submarine I-52 which was on its way to Germany. The unique design with a flight deck on a merchant ship hull has been accurately reproduced by this model, together with details such as the aircraft elevator and arresting gear. Small parts such as the lifeboats and AA guns also feature sharp details and the kit includes parts for 16 aircraft (Corsairs, Avengers, Hellcats, and Helldivers).
Completed Length: 215mm

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