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Tamiya Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Pick-Up (GF-01)

Part No: TAM58589

Price: 185.01 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 201.66 / US Dollars: US$225.71

Toyota's Land Cruiser needs little introduction; it was a pioneering 4WD vehicle in Japan, and would become one of the most recognizable cars of its type in the world. Its history stretches back to the 1950s, and includes the 40 series, which was produced from 1960-1984 and can still be seen in service today. This R/C model recreates the iconic off-roader with a polycarbonate pick-up truck style body and resin driver figure. It is mounted on the new gear-driven 4WD GF-01 chassis unit, using huge tires to hustle across poor terrain.

This gear-driven 4WD chassis is based around a lightweight and tough monocoque frame, with power provided by the centrally-positioned motor. It utilizes a 'square' setup with near-identical tread and wheelbase lengths. Sealed gearboxes protect from dust and debris and are integrated into the frame, while the built-in front and rear differential gears provide smooth cornering. This is reinforced by 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and friction dampers plus a 2-piece tie rod steering setup with the servo on the left for excellent response. Furthermore, it has 5-spoke metal-plated wheels fitted with big 110mm diameter tires, in addition to a rear support bar with roller to prevent the model from flipping

Length: 333mm, Width: 244mm, Height:242mm
Wheelbase: 174mm
Tread (Front & Rear): 194mm
Tire Width/Diameter: 50mm/110mm
Monocoque Frame
Gear-Driven 4WD
3-Bevel Type Differentials
2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
Front & Rear Double Wishbone Suspension
Gear Ratio = 18.03:1
Type 540 Torque Tuned Motor
Electronic Speed Controller

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