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Tamiya Super Clod Buster

Part No: TAM58518

Price: 305.01 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 332.46 / US Dollars: US$372.11

This monster truck features a body that was inspired by classic pick-up trucks from the 1980's, giving it a realistic appearance.
The front grille, air intake and roll bar are recreated with metal-plated parts.
The truck also features a twin-motor dual gearbox 4WD drivetrain, 8 coil spring dampers and massive 165mm diameter tires, as well as a 4-wheel drive steering system to help the model navigate tight corners.

1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.
The Super Clod Buster body has been reproduced in injection-molded plastic.
Highly-durable bathtub type monocoque chassis frame.
Front/rear trailing arm suspension with 8 coil spring dampers.
Front/rear sealed gearboxes are equipped with differential gears.
Kit includes TEU-103BK ESC. (Original kit included a mechanical speed controller)
Two 540 motors included.
Sticker sheet included.

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