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Tamiya Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R (TT-01E)

Part No: TAM58501

Price: 139.50
Euros: 154.85 / US Dollars: US$172.98

The UK-based Sumo Power team chose to use the Nissan GT-R to compete in the 2010 FIA GT1 World Championship. These Sumo Power GT-Rs demonstrated splendid performance during the 2010 season. Car No.22 driven by Jamie Campbell-Walter and Warren Hughes won Rd.2 Silverstone, while Car No.23 driven by Peter Dumbreck and Michael Krumm took a 2nd place finish at Rd.4 Paul Ricard. Tamiya has recreated this potent race car as a 1/10 scale assembly kit R/C model. The dynamic form of the GT1-spec GT-R has been realistically reproduced by the polycarbonate body and separately-molded side mirrors and rear wing parts enhance realism. Separately-sold LED lights can also be installed to depict head and tail lights.

The bathtub frame of the evolved shaft-driven 4WD TT-01 Type-E has its motor and battery close to the ground for lower center of gravity and optimum balance. Mounted on the bathtub frame are a fiberglass reinforced nylon upper deck and gear covers which improve rigidity, as well as a 3-piece tie rod to provide smooth steering action. The low center of gravity, great balanced design, 4 wheel double wishbone suspension system, and front and rear differential gears all come together to result in superb driving characteristics. Racing slick tires are mounted on silver mesh wheels.

Length: 452mm, Width: 193mm, Height: 131mm
Wheelbase: 257mm ?Tire Width/Diameter (F/R): 27mm/67mm
Bathtub Type Frame Chassis
Longitudinally-Placed Motor Shaft-Driven Full-Time 4WD
F/R 3-Bevel Differential Gears
3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
F/R Friction Dampers
Gear Ratio=8.35:1
Type 540 Motor

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