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Tamiya Subaru XV - TT02

Part No: TAM58567

Price: 110.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 119.90 / US Dollars: US$134.20

Released in 2012, the Subaru XV is a modern "crossover" vehicle that sees the body of the Impreza on a raised chassis designed for off-road driving.

Tamiya has faithfully reproduced this passenger car in 1/10 scale on the TT-02 entry level touring car chassis. The TT-02 chassis platform is the successor to the TT-01 as it incorporates many new features to make it even easier for the new R/C kit builder to assemble and learn from. The TT-02 chassis performs well as cornering and overall speed has been enhanced to take advantage of new electronics available on the market. In addition to the TT-02 being an ideal platform to start from, R/C hobbyists can expand its potential by adding many of the Ho-Up-Options available to increase the cars speed and performance.

•Scale : 1/10
•Construction type : assembly kit
•Terrain use : on-road
•Drive-train : 4WD
•Drive type : gearbox
•Drive line : dog bone
•Differential type : gear
•Suspension : fully independent double wishbone
•Steering mechanism : bell-crank
•Shock damper : friction damper
•Shock damper material : plastic
•Tire type : rubber
•Tire tread : slick
•Body material : Polycarbonate
•Chassis material : plastic
•Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : included
•ESC model : TEU-105BK
•LED Light buckets : yes
•LED lights : no
•Motor : 540-brushed type

•Requires A : 2-channel radio gear
•Requires B : 7.2 battery & charger
•Requires C : polycarbonate paint

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