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Tamiya Sand Scorcher

Part No: TAM58452

Price: 339.00
Euros: 376.29 / US Dollars: US$420.36

Originally released in 1979, the R/C Sand Scorcher was greatly received from fans around the world with its humorous form and superb mechanism. Keeping true to the basic layout of the original while incorporating many refined parts, this re-released version of the Sand Scorcher will remind you of the original. This model realistically reproduces the unique form of the buggy which was seen at the one-make race at “Baja 1000” in California, USA. The body is molded in white polystyrene and can be painted with plastic model paints. The rear-wheel drive 2WD chassis features realistic and aggressive driving performance that will no doubt excite you.

Length: 400mm
Width: 230mm
Height: 180mm
Wheelbase: 250mm

To complete this model you will require 2-channel radio system, 7.2 battery & charger, 1 servo and paint for the body shell.
Paints required for this model are: TS-10, TS-26, X-2, X-6, X-7, X-18, X-26, XF-1 and XF-15

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