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Tamiya Mad Bull

Part No: TAM58205

Price: 110.01 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 119.91 / US Dollars: US$134.21

The Tamiya Mad Bull is a high performance 1/10th scale off road racer with chunky lug pattern tires mated to a simple but reliable chassis making this ideal for any off road radio control buggy enthusiast.
The Tamiya Mad Bull has long throw coil spring shock units that are factory assembled and wide 115mm diameter tires fitted to the wheels.

Chassis Type: 2WD Buggy
Overall Length: 400mm
Overall Width: 315mm
Wheelbase: 284mm
Chassis Weight: 1300g

To complete this model you will require 2-channel radio system, 7.2 battery & charger, 1 servo and paint for the body shell.

Colours required and sold separately
TS-14 - Black
X-11 - Chrome Silver
X-18 - Semi Gloss Black
X-8 - Lemon Yellow
XF-15 - Flat Flesh
XF-2 - Flat White
XF-7 -Flat Red

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