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Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale (XV-01)

Part No: TAM58569

Price: £250.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: €272.50 / US Dollars: US$305.00

The Lancia Delta Integrale, which has made a number of appearances on various Tamiya chassis platforms over the years, now makes its home on the XV-01 chassis. The Lancia Delta Integrale was a legendary Rally warrior, as fans of the sport are sure to remember, as it won 6 titles back-to-back at the end of the 1980s and start of the 1990s.

The 4WD XV-01 chassis offers dynamic R/C rally driving on both tarmac and gravel surfaces. It features a front-motor, belt-driven 4WD layout with front and rear enclosed gearboxes equipped with gear differential units. The box-like main frame incorporates covers and wheel well liners to provide superb protection against dirt and debris. The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension ensures plenty of suspension stroke and ground clearance and is matched with Rally Block Tires on replica wheels for realistic handling.

•Scale : 1/10
•Construction type : assembly kit
•Terrain use : multi-purpose
•Drive-train : 4WD
•Drive type : Dual-Drive
•Drive line : dog bone
•Differential type : gear
•Suspension : fully independent double wishbone
•Steering mechanism : bell-crank
•Shock damper : oil-filled damper
•Shock damper material : plastic
•Tire type : rubber
•Tire tread : rally block
•Body material : Polycarbonate
•Chassis material : plastic
•Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : not included
•ESC model : n/a
•LED Light buckets : no
•LED lights : no
•Motor : 540-brushed type
•Bearings : shielded ball bearing
•Adjustable camber : yes
•Adjustable toe angles : front and rear
•Adjustable ground clearance : yes
•Adjustable gear ratio : yes
•Adjustable wheelbase : fixed
•Adjustable track width : fixed
•Adjustable shock angle : yes
•Special feature 1 : Dust covers for debris protection for radio gear
•Special feature 2 : Front-mounted motor is housed in a gearbox which has been designed for ease of maintenance
•Special feature 3 : Radio gear components are protected by covers that are secured by screws
•Special feature 4 : A hatch on the underside of the XV-01 chassis enables quick access to the battery
•Special feature 5 : Holes in the chassis bottom help remove any debris which may block steering movement during off-road use
•Special feature 6 : Reversible-type rear suspension ensures plenty of suspension stroke for off-road driving
•Special feature 7 : The separate suspension mounts makes it easy to change settings such as toe angle
•Requires A : 2-channel radio gear & electronic speed control
•Requires B : 7.2 battery & charger
•Requires C : polycarbonate paint

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