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Tamiya Japanese Battleship Musashi 1:350

Part No: TAM78016

Price: 61.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 67.57 / US Dollars: US$75.63
Out of Stock

The Musashi was the second ship in the Yamato-class, which were the largest battleships ever built. Completed in 1942, the Musashi took part in various campaigns before finally meeting her fate at the hands of U.S. Navy aircraft in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Tamiya's precision-made assembly kit model recreates this giant battleship in exquisite detail, including her defensive anti-aircraft suite of numerous single 25mm cannons on the main deck. This different anti-aircraft armament makes for an interesting comparison with the Yamato.

Model Scale 1:350
Length 755mm

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