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Tamiya Holiday Buggy

Part No: TAM58470

Price: 100.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 109.00 / US Dollars: US$122.00

The DT-02 bathtub chassis has its battery loaded in the centre for ultimate weight distribution and balance. The gearbox is completely enclosed to protect it from interference by dirt and debris. With 4 wheel independent suspension, it displays excellent handling even on rough surfaces.

R/C fans will definately rejoice when they see this nostalgic body shape and relive the fun with the modern mechanics.

1:10th scale self assembly kit of the special edition Holiday Buggy
Durable blue coloured polyethylene (PE) moulded body shell
Includes driver figure
380 size electric motor
Ribbed front and spike rear tyres
Reliable 2WD DT-02 chassis
Double wishbone suspension
Sealed gearbox
Flat bottomed bathtub chassis
Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
Length: 390mm
Width: 240mm
Height: 164mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Ground Clearance: 26mm
Weight: 1250g
Rear Wheel Drive 2WD
Tyre Width/Diameter: F=22/81mm, R=39/86mm
Tread: F/R=217mm/208mm
3-Bevel Differential Gear
2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
F/R Double Wishbone Suspension
Gear Ratio=15.77:1

When installing a regular sized motor such as a 540, the following parts are required:
17T Pinion Gear (3515005)
3mm Grub Screw (50576)
Motor Plate (4305125)

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