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Tamiya Ferrari 458 Challenge (TA06)

Part No: TAM58563

Price: 250.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 272.50 / US Dollars: US$305.00

The Ferrari 458 Challenge is a circuit car which made its debut in 2009. Based on the 458 Italia, it is seen as the successor to the F430. Its 4,500cc displacement engine produces 570ps at 9,000rpm. For the final classy touch the interior of the original car was designed with input from 7-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher. This exciting machine is now the subject featured on the Tamiya TA-06 4WD touring car chassis platform. The TA-06 chassis is a 4WD mid-level machine designed for easy assembly and high durability. The TA-06 has a high degree of tuning options to suit track conditions. It also features the ability to change suspension geometry to fine tune your car to your driving style.

•Scale : 1/10
•Construction type : assembly kit
•Terrain use : on-road
•Drive-train : 4WD
•Drive type : Dual-Drive
•Drive line : dog bone
•Differential type : sealed oil-filled gear
•Suspension : fully independent double wishbone
•Steering mechanism : bell-crank
•Shock damper : oil-filled damper
•Shock damper material : plastic
•Tire type : rubber
•Tire tread : slick
•Body material : Polycarbonate
•Chassis material : FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
•Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : not included
•ESC model : n/a
•LED Light buckets : yes
•LED lights : sold separately
•Motor : 540-brushless type

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