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Tamiya Asterion XV-01

Part No: TAM58552

Price: 219.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 238.71 / US Dollars: US$267.18

This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit of a racing truck, the mainstay of US off-road racing. The name 'Asterion' derives from a heavenly dog, who is led by the hunter Bootes in a constellation in the northern sky. The short-bumpered form gives the model a racy feeling, and the metallic stickers add embellishment to the black body. The chrome-plated wheels and off-road tires add to the splendid experience of driving this high-performance truck.
The XV-01 chassis was designed to be a crossover platform. The Asterion is the first truck to be released on the XV-01 pick-up truck variant! Modifications such as large diameter tires, a special bumper, and long oil dampers help offer dynamic racing truck action on any type of track surface.

Specs and Features
Scale: 1/10 scale
Construction type: assembly kit
Terrain use: off-road
Drive-train: 4WD
Drive type: multi
Drive line: dog bone
Differential type: sealed oil filled gear and Spool
Suspension: fully independent double wishbone
Steering mechanism: bell-crank
Shock damper: oil-filled damper
Shock damper material: plastic
Tire type: rubber
Tire tread: chevron
Body material: Clear Polycarbonate
LED Light buckets: no
LED lights: no
Motor type: 540-brushed type
Bearings: shielded ball bearing
Chassis material: FRP
Sticker material: vinyl
Internal gear ratio: 2.6
Adjustable camber: yes
Adjustable toe angles: front and rear
Adjustable ride height: yes
Adjustable gear ratio: yes
Adjustable wheelbase: yes
Adjustable track width: fixed
Adjustable shock angle: yes
Special features: Dual Drive system with covers to protect from debris
Requires: 7.2 battery & charger
Requires: radio gear, servo, receiver
Requires: polycarbonate paint

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