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Star Wars Anakin's Podracer (Episode 1) "easykit"

Part No: RV06678

Price: 32.99
Euros: 36.62 / US Dollars: US$40.91

The Podracer known from Episode 1 was built in secret by Anakin Skywalker himself during his time as a slave on Tatooine. The individual parts for this very powerful racer are made from discarded pieces of junk. The core of the machine is located in the front turbines which tows the pilot's section. Arising from a bet, with the racer Anakin was able to escape from slavery and join the Jedi. Without this racer, Anakin would never have become a Jedi and the whole story of Star Wars would have been different.

Scale 1:31
Release date 11/2012
No. of parts 45
Length 400 mm
Skill Level 2

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