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Star Wars AAT (Clone Wars)

Part No: RV06670

Price: 22.99
Euros: 25.52 / US Dollars: US$28.51

This awe-inspiring heavy combat tank is used by the Trade Federation to conquer other planets. Using various repulsor lift drives this heavily armoured vehicle floats over the ground. The thick front armour protects the AAT (Armoured Assault Tank) against almost all conceivable enemy attacks. Like most vehicles of the Federation the AAT is also operated by battle droids. The AAT is one of the best weapons systems of the Trade Federation army. The tank can decimate enemy targets with a broad range of weapons. In addition to the primary laser cannon with powerful penetrating power on the rear-facing rising part of the hull and the shorter secondary laser cannon on the sides of the hull, it carries diverse energy weapons (all-purpose high-energy shells, armour-piercing missilesand particularly powerful "bunker-buster" shells) in horizontal magazines in a massive semi-circular mount.

Scale 1:50
No. of parts 38
Length 195 mm
Number of figures 1
Skill Level 2

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