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Shorts Tucano T.1 1:72

Part No: AX03059

Price: 11.99
Euros: 13.31 / US Dollars: US$14.87

The Shorts Tucano is a two-seat turboprop trainer in service with the RAF since 1989, acting as a basic fast-jet lead-in trainer. Taking pilots from the most basic of trainers, such as the Grob Tutor, to the jet powered BAE Hawk T1, student pilots then to fly around 130 hours on the Tucano before progressing to the Hawks based at RAF Valley.

Today the Tucano is operated primarily by the No.1 Flying Training School based at RAF Linton-on-Ouse. Painted in the standard trainer scheme of glossy black, the Tucanos are a common sight over the north east of England.

Scale: 1:72
Flying Hours: 1
Skill: 1
Scale: 1:72
Dimensions (mm): L135 x W160
Number of Parts: 48

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