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SpaceShipTwo & WhiteKnightTwo 1:144 Scale

Part No: RV04842
Price: 17.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo together form the world's first commercial human space launch system: both are built and flying.
SpaceShipTwo has been created specifically to open the experience of space flight to unprecedented numbers of private individuals at increasingly affordable ticket prices and in a safe and enjoyable environment. It has a large cabin and many big windows allowing its six passengers to explore the wonder of out-of-seat zero gravity while absorbing incredible views of the blue planet from the blackness of space.
Based on the history making SpaceShipOne, Virgin Galactic's system utilises an air launch platform, namely the world's largest all composite, dual fuselage aviation vehicle, WhiteKnightTwo. With a unique heavy payload, high altitude capability, this capable, four engined mothership, hauls the spaceship to the edges of the atmosphere where it is released for an efficient and safe but thrilling rocket-powered, Mach 3.5 climb to space. SpaceShipTwo has a unique re-entry system which sees the tail-booms rotate in space to provide stability and drag during the carefree and heat-free return to the Earth's atmosphere. A glide from high altitude to an un-powered runway landing completes the astronaut experience and the first step on a journey which will connect everyone to space like never before.

- Brand new tooling
- Model can be built as seperate aircraft or as a composite with both aircraft
- Highly detailed fuselage on both WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo
- Clear windows
- Accurately reproduced engines and structured wings
- Optional extended landing gear
- Rocket nozzle
- Includes display stand

Super decal set with colourful design
- Virgin Galactic - White Knight Two VMS Eve
- Virgin Galactic - Space Ship Two VSS Enterprise

Product specifications
Scale 1:144
Skill level 4 challenging
country version 1 The United States of America
length 166mm
number of parts 114
wingspan 297mm

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