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Red Bull Racing RB8 "Sebastian Vettel" 1:24 Scale

Part No: RV07074

Price: 22.99
Euros: 25.52 / US Dollars: US$28.51

The Red Bull Racing RB8 is the third evolutionary stage of the RB5 developed by Adrian Newey. The engine type RS27-2012 was designed by Renault, the gearbox is their own make and the tyres were contributed by Pirelli. The stepped nose required by the rules gave the racers a highly original appearance, but without detriment to performance. Sebastian Vettel was able to win five grand Prix with the RB8 that he called "Abbey", he battled for the 3rd World Championship title in the series and ultimately Red Bull Racing won their 3rd constructors' world championship in succession.

- True-to-original front and rear spoilers
- Multi-part 8-cylinder engine
- Detailed wheel suspension
- True-to-original underbody including diffuser
- Authentic tyres and rotating wheels
- Detailed cockpit
- Typical stepped nose
- Authentic decals for the RB8 and the driver Sebastian Vettel in the versions for Bahrain, Germany and India

Colors: 1 9 12 30 7 78 90 91 94 99 302 382

Model details
Scale 1:24
No. of parts 112
Length 209 mm

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