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P-51C Mustang Mk.III 1:48 Scale

Part No: RV04872

Price: 14.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 16.34 / US Dollars: US$18.29

The Mustang was one of the best and most effective combat aircraft of World War 2. It proved to be a powerful and most versatile weapon. The Mustang Mk.III (derived from the P-51B/C) serving with the RAF entered service in February 1944; its most distinctive feature being the "Malcolm Hood" giving better visibility. It was used as an escort fighter for bomb formations, a fighter-bomber and for reconnaissance missions in Europe until the end of the war. The P-51C reached a top speed of 711 km/h.

- Structured surfaces with recessed Panel Joints
- Detailed Cockpit with Instrument Panel
- Detailed Side-walls and Seat
- Detailed Undercarriage
- Tyres with distinctive profiles
- optionally worn
- Rotating Propeller
- Pilot Figure Included
- Two Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
- Two Bombs
- Decal Set for 2 RAF versions

Model details
Scale 1:48
No. of parts 83
Length 206 mm
Wingspan 234 mm

Colors: 15 43 68 77 360

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