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German Submarine TYPE IX C 1:72 Scale

Part No: RV05114

Price: 69.99
Euros: 77.69 / US Dollars: US$86.79

A total of 194 Type IX U-Boats designed for oceanic deployment entered service with the German Navy. Type IX-C U-Boats could operate at depths of up to 250 meters (750 ft) and were designed for an operational range of 13,450 nautical miles. The crew consisted of four officers and 44 men. The keel of U 505 was laid at the "Deutsche Werft" in Hamburg on 12 June 1940. It entered service on 26 August 1941 under the command of Lieutenant Loewe. By the end of 1942 as lead U-Boat of the 2nd U-Boat Flotilla out of Lorient, it was successful in achieving eight "sinkings" from West Africa to the Caribbean. In the spring of 1943 within the scope of a modification program, U- 505 received a new Mk III Conning Tower with a larger "Winter-Garden". The upper deck was fitted out with two 2-cm twin Flak Cannon. The 3.7-cm Flak from the after-deck was installed on the lower platform. The 10.5-cm Naval Gun was removed. Increased Allied airborne surveillance and the use of anti-submarine groups with escort carriers however led to the capture of U-505 by the U.S. Navy on 4 June 1944 off the West coast of Africa. Since 2005 it has been exhibited at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and is the only fully restored Type IX-C U-boat.

- New Mouldings
- Later Version with Mk III Conning Tower (Larger Winter-Garden)
- Highly Detailed Hull with Rivet and Weld Line Structure
- Imitation Flood Vents and Doors
- Faithfully reproduced Deck detail
- Bot Bow and Stern Torpedo Doors in the Open or Closed position
- Moveable Ruder Assembly in the Stern
- Detailed Propellers
- Moving Hydroplanes
- Retractable Periscope and Antennas
- Detailed Conning Tower Platforms
- Detailed upper Conning Tower Side-walls with Aerials, Compass and Hatch
- Separate Splash-guard on Upper Conning Tower Rim
- U-Boat Net deflection Antennae and Isolators
- Cord for the Antennae
- Detailed 2 cm Flak Twin Cannon & 3,7 cm Flak Gun
- Display Stands
- Authentic Decal Set and Flags for following two Versions:
- Submarine Type IX C, U 505, captured by the US Navy, Atlantic Ocean, June, 4th - June, 20th, 1944
- Submarine Type IX C, U 505, 2th U-Flotilla, Atlantic Ocean, March, 16th - June, 4th, 1944

Colors: 6 9 36 48 57 78 79 91 92

Model details
Scale 1:72
No. of parts 160
Length 1063 mm

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