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Chevrolet Impala Police Car 2005 1:25 Scale

Part No: RV07068

Price: 19.99
Euros: 22.19 / US Dollars: US$24.79
Out of Stock

The eighth generation of the Chevrolet® Impala came out in 1999. This mid-range car was very successful in the USA and, like other Chevrolets in the past, was offered with a specially developed police package. The Impala differs from older full-size saloons in that it has smaller dimensions, so that the car is essentially lighter to steer and control. However it still offers ample space for both the policemen and their 'passengers' in the separate rear compartment. Unlike the civil version, it has a reinforced chassis and the large, 203 hp, 3.8 litre, V6 engine giving it a top speed of 216 km/h and acceleration of 0 to 100 in 7.2 seconds.

Model Features:
- True-to-original reproduction, one-piece body and fine surface details
- Model easy to build
- Bucket seats
- Ready assembled and painted light bar for the roof
- Detailed interior with dashboard, textured door lining, rear bench seat and typical partition
- Detailed one-piece chassis
- Screws and metal axles
- True-to-original reproduction of special police wheel rims

- Instructions and authentic decals for three trim variants:
- City Police Dept.
- Police Canton, Ohio
- Demo-Version Chevrolet Police Vehicles Impala

Product Specifications:
Appearance date December 2013
Scale 1:25
Skill level 3 advanced
length 208mm
number of parts 44
Revell Colours Required: 4 7 9 77 78 90 91 99 302 374 378 382 730 731

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