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Red Bull Racing Renault RB6

Part No: TAM20067

Price: 62.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 68.13 / US Dollars: US$76.25
Out of Stock

The 2010 Formula One season saw Sebastian Vettel become the youngest ever Formula One champion while driving the Red Bull RB6. During the season, the car demonstrated excellent performance, although the season was certainly not smooth sailing for the team. In fact, the competition was fierce and four drivers entered the season finale with a chance to claim the Drivers' Championship. 2006 world champion Fernando Alonso of Ferrari led the overall standings, with Vettel in fourth place and needing to win the race as well as hope that Alonso would finish in fifth place or lower in order to be crowned as the champion. Starting from pole position, Vettel remained calm through the chaotic race, which included a safety car deployment on the opening lap, and took the checkered flag. Remarkably, Alonso was only able to finish in seventh place, which allowed Vettel to complete his miraculous comeback to claim the first Formula One title for himself and for Red Bull Racing. The 1/20 scale Tamiya model faithfully captures Adrian Newey's sleek design in every detail.

Specs and Features

•1/20 scale plastic assembly model kit. Length: 248mm, Width: 92mm.
•Includes highly-detailed F-Duct System within the shark fin engine cover.
•Master cylinder on the front bulkhead is faithfully reproduced. Nose section is detachable even after assembly.
•The cockpit features details such as the snorkel for the F-Duct System and brake balance adjustment lever.
•2 types of steering wheels (for Vettel and Webber) are included.
•2 types of onboard cameras and front wing flaps are included.
•Synthetic rubber tires feature a realistic texture.
•Side mirror surfaces are depicted with metal transfers.
•Comes with photo-etched parts to depict finer details.
•High-quality Cartograf decals included to depict the No.5 and No.6 cars.
•New Tamiya TS-89 Pearl Blue spray paint has been added to the Tamiya paint line up to match the team's main color for the body.

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