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Realflight Expansion Pack 8

Part No: GPMZ4118

Price: 33.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 37.05 / US Dollars: US$41.47

With RealFlight, the time of day and weather don’t matter — the world of flight is always as close as your computer. And with Expansion Pack 8, the world is full of new adventures. You can race a Thompson Trophy contender from the ‘30s, fly a massive Air Force transport or a legendary fighter — or push the Sbach 342 foamy or awe-inspiring Synergy N5 to new extremes in performance. A new 3D Obstacle Course and two more PhotoField flying sites are available, too — and you can be ready to enjoy your choices as quickly as you can point and click!

12 new airplanes
3 new rotary wings
3 new flying sites
and 1 quadcopter

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