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Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 V2 Kit

Part No: TT4761K20

Price: 549.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 599.49 / US Dollars: US$670.99
Out of Stock

Updates from the original E700 include
• Easier to see canopy color scheme, orange w/white red & blue accents. More durable and easier to remove
• Tail fin slightly larger and easier to see during flights.
• Autorotation gear reinforced with six ribs that run to center hub.
• Tail drive gears stronger than original E700.

Air Supremacy
Furthermore, in 700-class of helis, a normal 52mm diameter 530KV outrunner will be good enough to swing this 3D machine. Nick flying characteristic that pilot can do “Ticktack” quickly and easily over a hundred times without mercy. Experience this unbeatable, unbelievable and unsurpassed flying thrill, the E700 will lead you to next stage of 3D maneuvers that you will never regret.

Major aluminum parts are packed in box

Equips Metal Horns and Control Arms w/Innovative Quick Calibration System
14mm Advanced Herringbone Main Gear 128T V.S. Pinion 13T
Main gear is light-weighted Herringbone gear, 128T, can withstand high load. It is introduced in Thunder Tiger products for the first time. Although Its thickness is 14mm, the design of herringbone angle could be engaged itself more match for the teeth.

Lightweight and rugged landing skid for low center of gravity
Quick-release Battery Tray allows two 6 cells LiPo battery packs
Quick-release battery holder could take two 6-cell or one 12-cell LiPo battery. Also, from its design, you don’t have to remove the shell while you changing the battery. U-shape landing skids are good for battery exchange and installation. Also, its lower frame structure makes the centre of gravity close to head grips, which means that E700 could be more stable when it starts doing some flips and rolls.

One-piece Tail Case with Efficient Helical Bevel Tail Gears
Tail drive gears are made of nylon material, and the structure use Helical bevel gear which is carried over from E720’s structure. Also, aluminum tail boom with lengthened supports for additional rigidity and mounted rudder servo for improved performance. Optimized tail rotor for wide range of head speeds; accommodates 105-116mm tail blades.
Reinforced autorotation gear with ribs at two sides
We also continue to perfect our product and ready to release the upgraded and reinforced versions of PV 1657 tail drive pulley and PV1653 tail drive gear.

• Swashplate: ECCPM(135~140°)
• Fuselage Height:385mm
• Fuselage Width: 191mm
• Fuselage Length:1277mm
• Rotor Blade:690~700mm Req’d
• Rotor Dia.:1538~1558mm
• Tail Blade: 105mm(9.28”) incl’d
• Tail Rotor Dia.:280mm
• Weight w/o Battery: 2917g
• Tail Driven: Torque Tube
• Rotor Speed: 2200~2300 RPM
• Motor: approx. 510~560KV Dia. : 52mm
• ESC: 120A~160A
• Gear Ratio (E:M:T): 9.85 : 1: 4.27
• Battery: Lipo, 12S (6S x 2) 5Ah, 30C
• Battery Dimension: 160 x 50 x 65mm

• 2014 New Canopy Scheme - Orange/Blue
• Improved Autorotation Gears w/Reinforced Rib for More Rigidness
• Rounded Vertical Fin w/option Doubler at Leading Edge.
• V2 E700 Metal FBL Rotor Grip Set
• V2 E700 Main Rotor Grip Posts
• V2 E700 Metal FBL Control Lever

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