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Polaris Nuclear Submarine Abraham Lincoln 1/253 Scale

Part No: RV00008

Price: 18.89
Euros: 20.97 / US Dollars: US$23.42
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Revell Classics 00008 Polaris Nuclear Submarine ABRAHAM LINCOLN
Scale 1:253 Length 455mm

The Revell Classics Line is a limited re-issue of select model kits from the 1950s/60s or 70s. In order to ensure that this model kit resembles the original product as closely as possible, the packaging was made true-to-style using the previous original illustration as well as original decals. The construction manual in multiple languages contains detailed assembly instructions. This model kit was produced using the original mold that was manufactured more than 30 or 40 years ago. Insignificant deviations from the original model kit (formation of burrs or slightly imperfect fit) can be attributed to the fact that the mold was not used for a long period of time.

The development of the Polaris generation of submarines is generally regarded as having had a strong influence on the balance of power between East and West in the 1960s. The US Navy concentrated its production orders on this type, which at that time was the main constituent of the American submarine fleet. The Polaris Class consists of nuclear powered submarines armed with ballistic missiles. Thanks to the nuclear power it is capable of a speed of over 35 knots on the surface and 20 knots submerged and can stay underwater for hundreds of hours. This submarine is equipped with 16 Polaris medium-range guided missiles that can be fired from under water. These missiles are equipped with nuclear warheads and are suitable for surprise attacks. They have a range of over 2,000 km.

Model details
Scale 1:253
Release date 05/2008
No. of parts 151
Length 455 mm
Skill Level 5

Original details
Type description U-Boot
Length 115,8 m

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