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OS Engine OMA-3825-750 Brushless Motor

Part No: G6629

Price: 95.55 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 104.15 / US Dollars: US$116.57

Replacing the OMA-3825-750 comes the OMA-3825-750W. This new version features a new main shaft that will allow the motor to be either front-mounted or rear-mounted allowing greater variations of installations.

Weight: 190g
Turns: 12
Bearings: 3
Current Range: 30 - 40A
ESC Timing Degrees: 20 - 30 Degrees
KV RPM: 750
Max Current: 75A for 10 secs
Resistance: 31 mOhms
Power Output: 590W
Nominal Voltage: 14.8-18.5v (4 - 5S Li-po)
No Load Current: 1.5A
Max Efficiency: 85%
Shaft dia: 5mm
Shaft Length: 11.5mm

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