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OS Engine MAX 55HZ-R

Part No: L-OS15650

Price: 324.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 354.24 / US Dollars: US$396.49

The latest engine in the 600/50 helicopter class borrows much of its technology from the fabulous Max 91HZ-R, to provide class leading power under the most demanding of 3D manouevres.

The latest DRS system (Demand Regulator System) uses a crankcase pressure tap-off to pressurise the fuel tank via a one way valve. The pressurised fuel is then carfully regulated at the carburettor to provide the optimum mixture no matter what demands are placed on it. This is done by using the negative pressure in the carburettor venturi as part of the regulation system.

The carburettor itself has three mixture controls for low/mid and high speed settings. Once set for the fuel demands of your model/type of fuel and muffler, there is rarely any need to change those settings again.

The main mechanics of the engine itself are the same as the regulat Max 55HZ.
3) Easy carburettor adjustment that stays in tune.
4) Crankcase is noticeably cooler
5) More torque in the mid range for 3D
6) Velocity stack on carburettor sucks cool, undisturbed air from the fan flow.
7) Longer run time per tank

Weight: 429g (15.13oz)
Displacement: 8.93cc (0.55cu.in)
Bore: 23mm (0.9in)
Stroke: 21.5mm (0.8in)
Power Output: 2.1PS @ 17000rpm
Practical RPM: 2,000 - 20,000

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