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OS Engine MAX 37SZ-H Ring w/o Drive Wash

Part No: G2709

Price: 184.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 201.64 / US Dollars: US$225.69

Following on from the concept developed in the 70SZ-H, the latest 37SZ-H brings a new level of performance to '30-class' helicopters.

Just about everything has been changed compared to the 32SX-H in the pursuit of power and control. That super-rigid crankcase contains a highly developed, ringed piston/liner set and optimised crankshaft for the right combination of power and smoothness. The new carburettor has been purpose designed for precision control and is capable of being operated by push-pull linkages if required.

This is the perfect engine to compliment your new Hirobo Sceadu Evo and move your flying on to a new level.

Weight: 293g 10.33 oz
Displacement: 6.07cc 0.37cu in.
Bore: 20.5mm 0.807in.
Stroke: 18.4mm 0.724in
Power Output: 1.4PS@18000 RPM
Practical RPM: 2000-21000

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