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H25095 NEW Metal Tail Holder Assembly

Part No: H25095T

Price: 12.99
Euros: 14.42 / US Dollars: US$16.11

NEW Metal  Tail Holder Assembly
-Use for T-REX 250/250SE.
-New tail blade grips with 90 degrees counter balance weight for effective dissipation of centripetal forces, reducing load on the rudder servo and increased the locking effectiveness of tail. ?Tail rotor hub x 1
-M2 Set screw x 1
-New metal tail rotor housing x 2
-Bearing 681ZZ x 2(F1.5xF4x2mm)
-Washer x 2(F1.5xF3.8x0.7mm)
-Socket button head screw x 2(#0-80x5mm)
-Socket button head screw x 2(#0-80x6mm)

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