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Mtroniks Viper Tempo 11


Price: 31.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 34.87 / US Dollars: US$39.03

The Viper Tempo11 is a forwards only Brushed Speed Control designed specifically for use in RC cars.
The Tempo11 has an 11 turn motor limit, what this means is that you can use any, DC Brushed 540 size motor, as long as the number of turns on that motor are equal to or higher than 11.
The Tempo11is perfect for anybody wanting to upgrade their old Speed Controller for a no nonsense 11 turn limit forwards only electronic Speed Control allowing you to run any motor up to and including a 11 turn modified motor.
The Tempo11 is the second in line in the Viper range of forwards only Speed Controls and big brother to the Tempo15, which means it has all the same amazing features that you get on the Tempo15 and on other, more expensive Speed Controls! Features such as adjustable brakes, adjustable acceleration and a built in failsafe are standard on this Speed Control.

•NEW built in failsafe to protect against complete loss of signal or when out of range (compatible with all manufacturers receivers)**INDUSTRY FIRST**
•ABSOLUTE short circuit and motor overload protection
•11 turn motor limit
•1.2A BEC
•Dual core microprocessor
•4-8 cells input voltage
•Adjustable features include programmable brakes and programmable acceleration
•4 Layer super power circuit board
•Thermal integrated protection system
•Digital one touchset up
•Legendary 100% waterproof design
•Dimensions : L39.0mm x W34.0mm x H13.0mm
•Weight : 55g

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