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MINI Cooper S Twin Pack Gift Set 1:32

Part No: AX50126

Price: 24.99
Euros: 27.74 / US Dollars: US$30.99

Introduced in 2007, the updated MINI Cooper S featured a number of improvements over its predecessor. As well as improved interior space, the new Cooper S also introduced a new engine, now turbo rather than supercharged, that resulted in an output of 184bhp, with the dash to 62mph being covered in 7.0 seconds. Raced successfully across the World, the Cooper S looks set to continue the tradition of fast MINIs.

Two MINIs that can be decorated completely differently just like the real thing using the paints and decals in the set. You could even create your own personal version by using the contents in whatever creative style you want!

Model Scale 1:32
Number of Parts 73
Dimensions (mm) L118 x W59
Skill Level 1
Flying Hours 1
Requires Painting Yes

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