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H25034 Landing Skid Set

Part No: H25034T

Price: 5.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 6.53 / US Dollars: US$7.31
Out of Stock

Landing Skid Set
-Use for T-REX 250.
-Bump Resistance landing skid and features rigid. ?Hexagonal screw hole 1.3mm
-Skid pipe x 2(F2.9xF3.5x111mm)
-Landing skid x 2
-Skid pipe end cap x 4
-Socket button head self tapping screw x 4(T1.5x6mm)
-M2 set screw x 4(M2x2mm)
-Landing skid nut x 4(F3.4xF5.5x6mm)
-Antena pipe x 1(F1.5xF3x250mm)

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